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The Marketing Strategies Course 

25 Hours of lifelong Knowledge

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Why Enrol for the Marketing Strategies Course? 

Strategic planning is considered the core to organisational success. There are various reasons why businesses constantly review and change their marketing strategies. This might be attributed to the market uncertainty, marketing budget, miscalculations in entering in a new market, or obstacles in launching a new product. 

This comprehensive Strategic Marketing course considers the challenges facing businesses in a competitive market and explores the creation and consideration of solutions that arise from such. As a participant, you will also learn the necessary tools, skills and insights to generate a comprehensive, cohesive and congruent marketing plan. You will be able to test your skills by engaging with an innovative marketing planning simulation software ‐ that is widely used by professional global institutions. This real-life business simulation will form the basis of the teaching and learning strategy as well as the assessment.


of marketers report running marketing
campaigns now, only 35% of those who don’t plan on starting in 2021.

(HUBSPOT, 2021)


in 10 companies are investing in social media marketing in 2021, and 39% plan to invest this year.

(HUBSPOT, 2021)


of all companies surveyed reported
using customer feedback to make decision.

(HUBSPOT, 2021)

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Improve your strategic leadership skills by developing a marketing plan.

  • React better to un-forecasted market shocks.

  • Learn how to analyse the market.

  • Understand how to approach tactical marketing

What You Will Learn? 

Module 1: Why do you need a strategic Marketing Plan?


  • Understand why businesses are constantly changing their marketing strategies.

  • How Marketing helps organisations achieve their goals?

  • Identify and understand the elements of a marketing plan.

  • Recognise the importance of developing plans to avoid the potential pitfalls that arise when in a fast-paced economy.

Module 2: How to Analyse the Market?

  • Understand the framework of competitiveness and its analysis techniques.

  • Distinguish between the different tools of analysis used by marketing companies.

  • Learn how to use powerful analysis tools that will help you develop a sustainable strategy.

  • Understand how to analyse different strategies.

  • Understand How to communicate your strategy.

Module 3: Starting the new strategic marketing plan.

  • Learn how to develop business and marketing objectives.

  • Learn how to align marketing objectives with the overall strategy.

  • Understand how to integrate all sections of the marketing plan.

Module 4: Approaching tactical marketing.

  • Understand why businesses are constantly changing their marketing strategies.

  • How Marketing helps organisations achieve their goals?

  • Identify and understand the elements of a marketing plan.

  • Recognise the importance of developing plans to avoid the potential pitfalls that arise when in a fast-paced economy.

Module 5: Computer Simulation

  • Understand how to use the computer simulation as a basis for learning the theoretical concepts.

  • Learn to improve teamwork and strategic skills.

  • Acquire decision making skills in a competitive virtual market.

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How You Will Learn? 

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Live Online/Offline Lecture  


Market Analysis




Develop A Marketing Plan


Featured Guest Presenter


Q&A Sessions


Course Support Team


Online/Offline Discussions

Who is this Course for?

This course was developed to provide students, entrepreneurs and middle and senior managers with the in-depth knowledge of the fundamental of strategic marketing and development of a sustainable marketing plan. When owners and managers are drafting a marketing plan, they may struggle with defining a starting point, knowing what to include, and understand who to involve and when to complete. This course is ideal for:

  • Business owners looking to develop a marketing strategic plan as a competitive advantage to drive  their business growth.

  • Middle and executive level managers aiming to review their current plan or the ones on the verge of developing a new plan. Through this course, they will learn global concepts with local considerations and lead in the development of plans in their organisations.

  • Students who are looking to improve their knowledge in the marketing domain and connect with the requirements of the industry. This course will enhance their employability skills as they will be expected to develop a strategic marketing plan by the end of the course.

The Certification course will provide a guidance on a devising a strategy, setting objectives and choosing the best marketing tactics for achieving their business goals.

Trainers Profiles

Dr Ammar AlBalushi

Head of Faculty of Business Management  at Majan University College

Consultant of Marketing and Tourism Development

MIM (University of Strathclyde) and PhD (Glasgow Caledonian University)

Dr Ammar AlBalushi is the Head of Faculty of Business Management at Majan University College, an assistant professor in marketing and tourism development, a researcher and consultant. He teaches marketing concepts and strategies to undergraduate and MBA students in Oman. In the UK, he worked as a university lecturer for 6 years and taught postgraduate students in Glasgow Caledonian University, London and the University of Essex, Colchester – UK. His approach is to analyse his client's businesses from first principles and determine how best to create sustainable and competitive marketing plans using the available platforms and technology.

Before joining academia, Dr Ammar worked in the hospitality industry as a group hotel general manager where he managed two hotels in Oman and worked closely with suppliers in Germany, United Kingdom and the Omani government. Originally from Muscat, he has studied in the UK for 10 years and worked in the industry and academia for 12 years, including 5 years of managing hotels and hiring more than 120 employees in the Omani hospitality industry.  Ammar holds a BSc Honours in Computer Engineering from Glasgow Caledonian University (UK), a Master's in International Management from the University of Strathclyde (UK), and a PhD in Marketing and Tourism Development from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU London).

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Learn to be a Strategic Expert through Practice

Join our immersive computer simulation where you act as a senior marketing executive of a Digital Music Company. The industry is easy to grasp but life is not easy as you are competing against four other fiercely competitive digital music companies. To succeed, you need to get a deep understanding of the consumer needs and how they are changing.  You also need to pick your segments carefully and establish superior differentiated value propositions that will shift more consumers your way and enhance your market share, sales and profits.  The best players will learn how to establish a game plan that is right for the future, not just the past.

This simulation includes multiple, dynamically changing segments, a new service opportunity and key marketing models. If you want to learn strategic marketing in a national consumer market then this is the simulation for you.

Organisations who have used our simulation

The marketing computer simulation is used by some of the world’s most recognisable companies in the corporate and education sectors including:


Get Two Certificates of completion

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Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded two digital Certificates of Completion by Majan University College, Oman and Market2Win, UK.

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Note: After successful completion of the course, your verified digital certificate will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering for the course. 

Early Registrations are encouraged. Seats fill up quickly

To Register send an email to:

Or alternatively, Schedule a call with a Course Advisor to learn how this course can help you advance in your career: 91753020

Marketing Strategic course is being delivered in collaboration with Majan University College and additionally certified by the Omani Ministry of Higher Education, Reseaerch and Innovation and Market2Win, UK

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